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About Fields Family and Friends Home Cooking

Fields Family and Friends Home Cooking blog is based upon an idea of my sister, Jonda, had.  Several years ago she put together a collection of her favorite recipes and presented them as gifts to family members.  I loved the idea so I decided to pass along a collection of my favorite recipes.  Everyone enjoyed the collections so much we decided to put together a cookbook to sell to raise money for medical research.  This blog has grown out of that idea. Over the years we have collected recipes from various sources.  Many have come from the awesome cooks in our own family, Aunt Flossie, Grammy, Lorrie, Mom, Becky, Dad, Aunt May, Aunt Marie, and Aunt Amy.  We have been lucky to be involved with so many great friends and cooks through Church, 4-H, Scouts, and work who have been big influences too. Some recipes will be straight out of our Fields Family and Friends Cookbook.  Many will be newer family favorites.

Since moving to Florida, we have moved towards a vegetable centered style of cooking.  No, it is not vegetarian.  Just less emphasis on meat.  We also have reduced pasta as several in the family are on gluten-free programs.

When looking at these recipes, by all means “Grammy them” if you need to.  (Grammy West was a great cook.  One problem is she NEVER made a recipe the same way twice.)  So feel free to substitute ingredients or seasonings.  If you do, please post the substitutions and the results, the more “Grammy versions” the better.

Most importantly, these recipes are meant to be enjoyed not only at the table, but in the preparation too.  I love remembering the time spent with Dad cracking walnuts in the wood-shop in the big vice while chicken halves grilled on the charcoal grill.  Grammy letting me mix the batter for her corn fritters.  Aunt Flossie and I mixing up the homemade ice cream and then helping Dad freeze it.   We try to create these memories with our family.  It is a great bonding time.

I hope you enjoy the posts and please feel free to comment or make suggestions.

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